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 Gary Ferguson:

DOB- 4/75~Born in Iowa and currently based out of Myrtle Beach, SC.~Marital status: Single

       Welcome to one of the online homes of TK-Productions. My name is Gary Ferguson, photographer/artist and founder of the same. I am currently based in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I would describe myself as an artist first and photographer second. I heard and fell in love with the phrase: “I do not wish to take a photograph, but rather to make a photograph.” I am a firm believer that photography is a collaboration between the artist and their subject, whether it be landscape or model photography. I strive to put 100% passion into every shoot and I hope to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. I have been working with models for close to 14 years now, if only recently to a greater extent. My talent continues to grow with every press of the shutter and I want to thank all those wonderfully talented people that have helped bring me to this point.

Born at the very beginning of the ‘computer’ age, I can remember when high tech graphics were 3 lines and a square that moved across the screen of our TV set. My formal training is in Radio, Audio technician and Digital video editing. But art has always held a fascination with me, from the classic masters to the artistic master minds of today.  I think I started doodling the moment I could hold a pencil. I enjoy drawing mostly in pencil, but I am by no means an accomplished artist. I draw for my own pleasure and the relaxation it brings. Most recently, photography has become my main artistic passion.  I enjoy ‘making’ photos rather then ‘taking’ photos. I’m looking forward to expanding my photographic art. I began to seriously explore this media when I made the move to South Carolina. I guess you could say that was the beginning of my journey into the world of Photography. TK-Productions was started to give me an outlet for my art.  I also hope to assist others by providing my services as a photographer and digital artist. I’m sure some will wonder, “why TK-Productions?”  Well to make a long story short, when I was a disc jockey on radio my ‘on air name’ was ‘The Kid’. So I shortened “The Kid” to “TK”, and TK-productions was born. 

     I shoot exclusively in digital utilizing various lighting tools. I currently do not have full time access to a studio. I do work with Pixel Studios in Charleston when I need to rent Studio space. But this I am finding both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy location shooting as well as studio photography. I have the ablity to take the studio into the great unknown. With Batteries, I am able to use full studio lighting on location. My subject styles range from still life, fine art, landscapes, fashion, glamour as well as artistic nudes. I have not had the pleasure of working with a makeup artist very often, though I look forward to finding one to share visions with.

   I have no issues with models bringing escorts; in some cases I encourage them. I do ask that they arrive with the same professional attitude that I expect from my models. When we schedule a shoot it is not a social occasion, it is a work session. We will strive to have fun, but drama will have to be left at the gate.

   Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and I hope your time has been rewarding. If there are any questions that I can answer, don’t hesitate to contact me. Below you will find links to my other locations on the web, please feel free to drop by and visit those locations as well. I do ask that if you ask me to add you on Social Media that you message me first and introduce yourself. There are far to many spammers online for me to add everyone blindly.

   If you have made it this far, it is time for me to give you the unpleasant news, I offer limited TFP for my work. That is not saying that I DO NOT work for TFP/TFCD but that I can not continue to do all my work TFP/CD. I do not want to discourage people from contacting me, it may be that you have a look that I am needing for my Portfolio, if that is the case, I will be happy to trade my time to benefit both of us. That being said I think I have reached a place in my photography that it can begin to pay for the new equipment I am always after. :) I am not insane, I wont be charging outrageous amounts. I am no where near good enough to expect to make a living at this...yet....I will strive to make my rates fair and just...I live on a budget like everyone else, and like models, that is sometimes a thin budget. Feel free to ask me about the rates...and we can work something out.

Peace to all

Gary Ferguson

Where to find me:

"To make a photograph that makes someone else feel something is a privilege. And a rare one at that."

– Don Giannatti

Well that’s enough about me, I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. If I can assist you as a photographer or digital artist, please contact me.

 Gary Ferguson